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Pilot Tube Microtunnelling

Gravity Sewer 150mm
Microtunnelling 400NB Steel
Microtunnelling steel sleeve
Horizontal Boring 150mm Gravity Sewe
Microtunnelling 300NB Steel Sleeve
Microtunnelling 300NB Steel Sleeve
150mm Gravity Sewer
Steel Ring
Pilot Microtunnelling
Pilot Microtunnelling
Pilot Microtunnelling 225mm Gravity
Microtunnelling DN150 Electrical

Pilot Tube Microtunnelling also known as Guided Auger Boring is the process of installing service pipes underground using a pipe jacking technique in combination with a laser guided theodolite which guides the pipe to the target shaft, this method is extremely precise with deviations from target less than +/- 20mm over 70 metres.


It is an ideal trenchless technology method for the installation of gravity sewer and drainage systems which require precise line and grade.

These machines are designed to fit in the tightest areas requiring a bore pit area of only 2.4 diametre.

This process is cost effective and avoids the need to have long stretches of open cut trenches which is a hazard to the environment and also the community.

Service Pipe Installed 

Gravity Sewer and Drainage

Pipe Sizes

PVC 150, 225, 300 & 375mm

Steel sleeve with carrier pipe inside up to 600mm


beneath Roads, Railways, Buildings, Trees and Vegetation

Ground Conditions 
Displaceable soils such as sand, soft clays, gravel and limestone pinnacles


Highly dependant on ground conditions and pipe size but generally up to 65 metres per bore
If you require a greater distance than 65 metres contact Leon to discuss as we may be able to achieve this through various methods depending on the site conditions.

Partial list of completed projects

Water Corporation Infill Sewerage Upgrade Program

Bunbury Infill Sewerage Program DN150 & 225 PVC 1300m in sand & limestone ground conditions

Falcon Infill Sewerage Program DN150 PVC over 3000m in sand & limestone ground conditions
Erskine Infill Sewerage Program DN150 PVC 530m in sand & limestone ground conditions
Spearwood Infill Sewerage Program DN150 PVC over 1800m in sand & limestone ground conditions
Churchlands Infill Sewerage Program DN150 PVC 210m in sand ground conditions


Housing Estates

Seven Hills Estate, Dianella - DN150 PVC Gravity Sewer 330m in sand ground conditions
Claremont on the Park - DN225 PVC Gravity Sewer 150m in sand ground conditions

Beachlands Estate, Geraldton - DN150 PVC Gravity Sewer 660m & DN225 PVC 344m in wet sand ground conditions
Matilda Estate, Landsdale - DN150 PVC Gravity Sewer 400m in sand ground conditions
Honeywood Estate, Wandi - DN225 PVC Gravity Sewer 170m in sand ground conditions


Curtain University Upgrade - DN225 PVC Gravity Sewer 330m in sand ground conditions

Perth Airport Extension - DN300 PVC Gravity Sewer in sand ground conditions

Fremantle Wharf, Graincorp - 300NB Galvanised steel sleeve 198m in sand ground conditions

Wellington St, Perth (Western Power) - DN150 PN12 PVC Electrical sleeve 1300m in sand ground conditions

Leach Hwy, Shelley (Water Corporation) - 450NB Steel sleeve 50m in sand & coffee rock ground conditions

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