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Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a steerable trenchless technology method of installing utilities underground were it is not practical to excavate and open trench.


We own and operate the latest Vermeer Directional Drills which helps to maximize productivity and improve efficiency.

Multi Conduit Installation

Service Pipe Installed
Water, Sewer Pressure Main, Power, Gas & Communications

Ground Conditions
from sand through to medium grade rock

Pipe Sizes
25mm to 500mm

Pipe Product
Polyethylene and Steel
beneath Roads, Railways, Buildings, Trees and Vegetation

Our Directional Drill machine is supported by:
Excavator for Excavation of entry and exit pits
Vacuum truck for removal of drilling fluid

We also offer the following services at the clients request:
Polyethylene Welding - Butt Fusion & Electro Fusion

Partial list of completed projects

Pressure Sewer Main

Kwinana Pumping Station - DN250 PE pipe 350m in sand & limestone ground conditions

Kwinana Pumping Station - DN400 Steel sleeve 70m in limestone ground conditions

Salter Point PM Alignment - DN125 PE pipe 180m in sand ground conditions

Kwinana Pumping Station - DN400 PE pipe 460m in sand & limestone ground conditions

Banksia Grove Pump Station - DN250 PE pipe 230m in sand ground conditions

Eglinton North Estate - DN450 PE pipe 120m in solid limestone ground conditions

Stormwater Drainage

Kings Park, Perth - DN355 PE pipe 120m in sand ground conditions

Water Main

Mandurah Road, Singelton - DN315 PE pipe 230m in limestone ground conditions

Shenton Road, Claremont - DN180 & 250 PE pipe 160m in sand ground conditions


Mandurah Road, Singleton - DN160 PE pipe 230m in limestone ground conditions

Roads & Creek crossing, Onslow 100NB steel 440m in sand & clay ground conditions

Electrical & Communications

Perth Zoo - DN160 HDPE conduit 450m in sand ground conditions

Wembly Golf Course - 3x DN110 HDPE conduits 130m in sand & limestone ground conditions

Bakers Hill - DN110 HDPE conduit 430m in bedrock ground conditions

Catalina Estate - 8x DN63 PE conduits 60m in one pull in hard limestone ground conditions

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