Auger Thrust Boring

Auger Boring is a technique for the bored installation of a casing pipe, the product pipe is then installed within the casing pipe on brackets.


Typically an unguided method of boring with limited steering capabilities, we have developed a method of Auger Boring to line and grade.

We own two America Auger machines;

24/30-150  (bores up to 600mm)

42-600  (bores up to 900mm)

Ground Conditions clay, sand, rock and minimal ground water.

Bore Size

We are capable of boring cased bores from 300mm to 900mm and up to 70m in length.


Pit Sizes

The launch pit size is typically 9m x 2.4m and the retrieval pit is 2.0m x 2.6m.

Auger boring is a popular option for installing utilities under railways, highways and buildings where settlement is a concern as the process retains the soil within the casing, which reduces the likelihood of ground settlement from excavation.

One of the oldest trenchless technology methods, Unguided Auger Boring is the first method Leon learnt when starting his career 25 years ago.

Auger Borer
Auger Borer

Auger Boring

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